Human Resource: Human…is it? ….Really …


Mark just completed his first quarter with the new company.

One day he met John, his best friend after a long gap of several years and they decided to have a cup of coffee together and that too at their favorite joint. The chit chat that started about well being actually turned into the more important conversation…….

…….Conversation about their overall experience with their respective companies.  Mark, had joined the company a quarter back, John was associated with his company for few years now.

As they moved on with the talk, both of them agreed that, though the entire process was very “process oriented“and professional in its own way, there seems to be a sense of lack of “Human Touch” in it.

In today’s fast changing World, by the scheme of things the term “Human Resource” which has been inherited from the word “Human” itself is fast losing its weightages.

Reasons could be many… but not limited to:

  • Too Much Technology:  Is Technology the next “Human” Face of HR?
  • Tight turn-around-time: Is too much of TAT is limiting the productivity?
  • Perfect Match: Are we hiring “Human” or “Machines”?
  • Poor Forecasting: Is there any time left to plan or to forecast?
  • Scientific methodology: Will behavioral evaluation automatically bring values?

Are these excuses? ……May be …or…May be Not….

Will machine and processes be the “Humane” face for “Human Resource”?

The faster we are able to find the answer, the better will be for the candidate, employee and the community in total.

Are we really thinking?

  • Can HR processes really drive the Human Values?
  • Is it only about company values? What about employee values?
  • Does too many processes actually taking away the “Human” approach?
  • Employee attitude – is it only about his responsibility?

Most of the companies are laid on the foundation of “Human Values” and HR, the custodian of Values, Ethics and Culture of the company.

Is it the time to give employees a special identity… much more than a designation or responsibilities?

Maybe, it could have made Mark a happier employee, if

  • He has been given a thorough listening
  • Process and approvals can take backward approach during his time of crises
  • Better relationship could have served him better
  • He has been treated as like any other employee

My Take: Though technology & tools are good to manage the processes, but at the end, it’s the relationship and bonding you have created, with the employee that will eventually help you win the bottlenecks. So, don’t forget to give a “Human Being” approach towards your employee(s).

Every ‘Human” has emotions and values which need to be respected!


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