Mark, a Program Manager recently sent his candidature for a job opening through a job portal. Confident of his skills and description in the job on the portal, he was all excited! He went in for the interview and the story begins…!

The Big Question ?

 “Does the company have a well defined interview process”?

Or is it  “fills” the so-called “urgent” position….

Exploit the opportunity to add another armor to your Brand Image –

Mark needs to be treated as the “Brand Ambassador”.  The experience that he will get during his interaction (interview process) will automatically be “delivered as it”  to the outside references (friends, colleagues or anybody) and in turn will not only encourage or discourage people to apply for a job, but will also create and build a brand Image in totality.

The Key Initiatives !

Few Key pointers critical to be understood or should be taken care are:

  1. Create a well defined job description: Hiring managers (not necessarily the recruitment managers) should be well aware “what they are hiring for?” It will be only foolish to recommend a candidate search without even detailing the job description
  2. Create the best first impression with the candidate: As mostly, it’s the recruiters who initially touch-base with candidates on their candidature, so It becomes absolutely critical to make them understand and trained enough (if needed) to deliver the best pitch possible and to create the best first level impression thereon
  3. Building a level of trust with the candidate: It is important to make the candidate at ease and make him feel excited about the opportunity available. There is always a high need to be trustworthy (with the candidate) at any level of the interaction
  4. Respect the time of the individual: Two way timely communication is a Must in any communication with the candidate starting from initial stage, i.e. of thanking the candidate, to the feedback sharing communication and moving towards the closing on the candidature process
  5. Train the interviewers: Interview is “Art” or “Science”? Well, maybe it’s about “Common Sense”. Interviewers need to be trained on the intent of the interview, it’s not about evaluating their (own) knowledge or comparing them with the interviewee’s
  6. Create a positive delivery even on rejection: It is critical to understand that a candidate needs to be well respected during his candidature. He needs to be “valued”. It’s important to create a positive delivery (intent) even while discussing the rejection candidature with the candidate

Mark experienced one of the best interview processes around. He was so impressed that even on his rejection, he spoke to his close friends and referred them to (his interview) company. He is very much confident that one of them will surely be able to close the candidature.

My take: is as good as yours i.e. “Well Said is always easier than “Well done”. Human nature takes all control when dealing with people. Ego, Character, Self worth, Pre opinion all plays an important part during human interaction.. Hence, it’s the mature nature of the interviewer that becomes a critical element in proper judgment of any candidate.




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