Organization Vision – People Way!

untitled A winter is always a good excuse to invite someone for a cup of coffee! The mercury fell to 4 degree’s and the coffee boiled over, it tasted even well with My Friend ‘Mark’ after a long time. He off-course lived next block but our Watches did not. Sunday and the drink in the mug was strong and soon the Devil Crept back in, Office discussion. It was one of the Annual Meet days, and Our CEO was sharing his Mission, Vision Statement for 2015, and I… as always stared at the “Fill in the Blanks” It was a well defined “Vision” and “Mission’ speech, but somehow I did not find the “Human/People” projection scope. I wonder:

  • Why is it every “Vision” & “Mission” statement talks about business & customers and not its people?
  • Are organizations really doing enough to contribute to the vision of their people?

Though it’s a common sense that… No business is successful unless, you have competent people running it…Then why do organizations hesitates or are afraid to bring in “people” aspect to their “Vision” statement, thinking about it… gives me sleepless nights! AND IF THEY DO, What will be the biggest challenge we see an organization might have considering the people aspect? – “Keeping them engaged” or may be not… It is though apparent that the traditional model of the organization of work enables deficiency in the cognitive development of its employees. With the fast changing economy where there is a need of increased connectedness and purposefulness, it is critical to change the model for the betterment. To the point, Organizations with engaged employees outperform those without up by to 202% (source: Gallup). Be it the lack of appreciation, respect of values, listening ears, burnout or stress, it ends up people not willing do their job i.e. they are disengaged. Though many organizations these days acknowledge the fact of “Engagement” but are they really doing it correctly? Is what needs to be addressed…? Cut to 2015 and beyond… Engagement EE – Are we seeing a transition from Employee Engagement to Employee Entertainment Many organizations are mistakenly relating Employee Engagement to the Employee Entertainment and the actual business goal (i.e. people) goes missing. Though Entertainment is essential but may not always determine the employee satisfaction. Few of the priorities that need to align with Employee Engagement initiatives should be intended to:

  • Align individual goals to that of organizational goals
  • Quality of work life
  • Entertainment/Celebration aspect should only be the part of Engagement and not the only aspect in place
  • Training should be aligned with the proper outcome mechanism rather than one of initiative
  • Timely recognition is a Must and should not be waited for a year end celebration
  • Build an atmosphere of trust and loyally from Employer standpoint as well

Organizational Experience is a combination of work, play, and learning. It has been revealed that most of the organizational learning activities results in immediate/short-term effects. However learning at the organizational level may challenge the organization’s guiding principles causing of developing a new understanding and relationship with the changing environment.


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