IIM Raipur HR Summit & International Conference looks into emerging HR Challenges : VUCA Perspective


It is essential to know your HR data” – Micky Chopra, VP, Human Capital, Taction Software LLC

As an invited speaker, Micky spoke at recently held second HR Summit and International conference organized by IIM-Raipur, which explored the emerging challenges, furthermore the conference saw more than 24 leading HR professionals across varied sectors coming together to discuss the ever changing landscape of Human Relation and its impact on business.

The much talked about two days HR Summit and International Conference, explored real world problems faced by HR executives, for the most part, panel discussions and paper presentations formed the chunk of the event.

The discussion themes included Leveraging Diversity, Leadership in a VUCA World, Competency Management and HR Analytics & Metrics.

Micky Chopra spoke on the essentials of HR Analytics & Metrics– The technical aspects of HR metrics which have become the beacon of the complex relationship between an organization & its talent pool management.

Here are the excerpts of the short interview with Micky Chopra by the Tacteam:

 1.  What was the event all about, sounds like, it’s not number crunching anymore?

“It is essential to understand the data, says Micky and know the objective of the research before going ahead with the analysis; which in turn helps the organization to face business challenges effectively”. The prime focus of the IIM Summit was “VUCA”, a term coined by the US Army War College. “VUCA” stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and as a rule VUCA has become a natural part of the organizational landscape in today’s time. Nowadays contemporary business leaders are constantly working to find out the possible ways to face VUCA challenge, consequent the organizations. Leaders with high VUCA capability is associated with strong leadership, thereby capable enough to meet future business challenges, similarly VUCA capability also links to financial performance, for example, it is reported that the organizations performing well are more likely to have VUCA-capable leaders.

2. What did you speak about?

The HR professional has to go beyond number crunching and straight execution, and it is absolutely essential to understand the data and know the intent of the research before going ahead with the analysis. Major challenges are being faced by startups in tuning the Organizational objective to skill set requirement, hence skill mapping and L&D initiatives, HR Analytics & Metrics are a competent tool in the hands of a skilled HR professional to understand the talent pool and align its TA targets.

3. What is your key takeaway?

“It is a huge learning experience for me, Keynote speakers like LT Sherpa, ED (P&A), in the valedictory session cited various examples of crisis like that of Greece, and analogically compared VUCA to an earthquake whose epicenter is elsewhere, but the impact is widespread.

Murlidhar Shyam, VP – Group HR RJ Corp Healthcare, showcased the use of HR analytics in Recruitments. He explains how HR analytics could be leveraged to improve the quality of intake. “We look at the points whose impact on our business is of an immediate nature.” He cautioned the HRs against being fully satisfied with their own HR policies as there is always room for improvement.

Ajay Nair, CHRO, Housing.com stressed on how important it was to eliminate feelings and biases from data in analytics.“Torture the data, not the person associated with it,” he asserted.

Adding to the discussion Anil K Misra, CHRO, Fidelity National Financial, elaborated on the predictive ability of analytics for top talent retention.

In conclusion: the HR Summit tried to focus on paradigm shifts within the HR function in order to maintain compliance and for building organizational capability, for gaining competitive advantage.


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